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Wingdings Text Generator 

Want to convert all your text into symbols and make it confusing for your friends to understand? Try the Wingdings text generator! You can easily convert your entire text into symbols by using this exciting Microsoft font that was developed in the earlier century. 

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What is Wingdings? 

Wingdings is a symbolic language that’s available in Microsoft applications and all over the internet as well. It was not originally mapped to Unicode previously. 

In 1990, the Wingdings translation was mostly symbols of arrows and stars. Now even emoji additions have been approved by Unicode as a sensible addition to the symbolic font of Wingdings. 

The Wingdings is an element of the dingbat fonts. In the Wingdings font, letters are posed as a variety of symbols and illustrations. 

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What is a Dingbat Font? 

A dingbat is any decorative form of letters in the alphabet. The decorative form can include proper shapes, illustrations, and even significant emoticons. Dingbats are also graphic elements as well. 

Types of Wingdings: 

One big problem with using the Wingding font in Microsoft is that it’s very complicated to understand. Most of the time, it cannot be comprehended as a sentence altogether. 

People who have experience using this font would know that there are essentially not just one but three kinds of Wingdings fonts. 

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Here we will discuss those three kinds. 

Wingdings 1: 

The first form is a TrueType dingbat font. This font was included in the 3.1 version of Microsoft in the previous decade. This is a registered design whose logo is owned by a copy of Microsoft. 

The first type of Wingdings font includes mostly symbolic hand gestures- most commonly associated with the index finger, There is also the inclusion of universal world symbols such as signs of Zodiac, the star of David, etc. 

Wingdings 2: 

This Truetype font is found in several applications of Microsoft, including Microsoft Office till up to 2010. This font was first developed in the early ’90s by a company known as Type Solutions. 

Not to mention, it is currently owned by Microsoft. This font includes almost 16 types of index, alphanumeric, asterism, several geometrical shapes, and much more. 

Wingdings 3: 

Wingdings 3 is also a Truetype font owned by Microsoft and distributed amongst several of its products including the Office 2010. 

This font is entirely comprised of arrow symbols including some of the symbols for keytops. 

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About Wingdings Text Generator

There are multiple sites where you can get easy access to the Wingdings text translators. Now you can enjoy the Wingding font online and include it in various of your phone’s applications including Instagram and Facebook. 

1- How do I use the Wingdings chart on my laptop? 

Here’s a shortcut to make the Wingdings chart accessible: 

Start> Run> Type “Charmap”> Press “Enter”. 

2- Which is the best tool for Wingdings? 

Fontvilla is the best converter tool for the Wingdings font. 

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