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Instagram Story Fonts & Text

Generate new Instagram Story Fonts for your story and captions.

There's no denying that Instagram stories actually captivate more viewers than regular posts. The font used in Instagram stories determines the content that is being published through stories.

On August 29, 2020, Instagram announced new font styles that can be used in the stories officially making a total of 9 font styles that could be used in Instagram stories text.

Just tap the font icon on the top right while editing your stories and choose any style you want to, resize it, rotate it, and make your stories even more creative!

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Types of Instagram fonts

We are all familiar with the old fonts Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong. The new update of Instagram not only adds new fonts to the category but also the old ones have undergone a revamp.

The very popular 'Modern font got an upgrade and now it comes with a drop shadow effect, making it more elegant and trendy than ever.

It's somewhat irritating to know that Instagram hasn't mentioned names of any new fonts yet, maybe in the future, we'll get more updates on the font names.

Fonts such as San Francisco (on IOS) and Robotto (on Android) are used for overlays on Instagram stories. The other font it uses is Freight Sans.

The benefits of using Instagram story fonts

The pros of having a variety of font styles and customization are visible. Not only you can update your social circle with your fascinating stories but also this can help you market your product better through Instagram stories.

Having a variety of fonts means, that you can choose fonts that will go on well with the product you're marketing, and with the help of customization and color schemes fonts can actually enhance your stories and attract more eyeballs!

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Can we use other fonts on Instagram stories?

The answer is a big yes! Although officially Instagram allows us to use 9 font styles on stories by default yet there are tons of other font styles that can be generated using third-party applications and can be utilized in your stories on Instagram.

Besides that, we can use our artistic abilities and create stories on photoshop as well, can use any font we feel like, and decorate our text the way we want!

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