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The Twitter font generator tool can create awesome texts like small, error, stars, italic, bold and more. Generate Stylish Text fonts for Twitter. You can decorate your timeline and bio with Copy and paste cool texts!! This weekend, you'd think that there must have been something big happening in the world and shared on social media where the stories are countless and the hashtags are numerous, especially on Twitter as it is the most trending social media platform.

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However, the big news regarding Twitter was no other than the changes on the website itself. The change isn't as big as we'd think, but it isn't as small that we can easily ignore it. We all know twitter basically had Helvetica Neue font for all its users.

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This Friday, there has been a huge change in that, they've now made their style and font in Gotham. This process took weeks before it could be made official. Twitter asked its users, took suggestions, made new styles and whatnot, to make this changing possible. This font is sleeker and gives a thin and narrow look at first glance. The reason this font is liked and apprehended very much especially in North America is for the fact that Barack Obama's campaign used this font. Not only this but the One World Trade Center's logo also has Gotham font.

So it is pretty evident that this font is basically an eye-candy or at least an attention grabber for once. Hoefler & Co. is the creator of this font. This company is based in New York City and makes different styles, shapes, and sizes of writings. Except for the embedded tweets, the Gotham font now appears on Twitter almost everywhere. The website "twitter.com" has this font even on user profiles, tweets, and individual tweet pages.

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Before this change was made official and permanent, the website gave it a trial. On Friday, it was seen that Twitter was changing the style back and forth to check it out. The main tweet stream on twitter.com aka the homepage deliberately had the font changes to the new and old versions. It was obvious on Friday that Twitter was definitely planning to set this font as a permanent one.

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Although many people approved of it, but just like in every occasion, event, and on any topic, there's always a debate and a simple yes and no vote, there were a lot of people against this slightly noticeable but visually apprehensive change. Many people tweeted after this change that they did not like the change at all! Few were even saying that the narrow Gotham font makes it harder to understand. We can bet those were the people with prescribed glasses.

One main thing which cannot be ignored about this font changing on Twitter is that the mobile/ cell phone application for Twitter on any android or iOS device doesn't have the Gotham font even after the update. The app on phones still has the old Helvetica Neue for the users. Twitter Fonts generator can be used for Facebook and other social media networks too.

The iPads and tablets users that use Twitter can still see sans-serif fonts or even the Ariel font. The company has absolutely made no new tweet about any of the news above but they have shared the news on the support account. 

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