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ASCII Text Generator

A better ASCII Text Generator to convert ASCII fonts letter words to copy-paste on your bio on Instagram and status for WhatsApp. The American Standard Code for Information Interchange or ASCII is a legendary text code designed in the early stages of computer-computer communication.

Some websites and systems still use ASCII as their elementary text style to keep things simple and efficient. Moreover, ASCII code saves a lot of space and keeps the system at optimum performance.

Therefore, if your project has specially asked for text in the ASCII code or you are a careful person, you have to use an ASCII text generator.

What is ASCII code?

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. All the computers communicate in the binary language of 0 and 1. It has been this way since the invention of modern computers in the 1960s. The problem was there was no way to interact with a computer unless you knew a programming language.

Moreover, the world had become a global village with business being carried out between two different parts of the world. Therefore, people felt the need for a basic text code that helped to fill this communication gap between machines and people.

As a result, the ASCII code was developed by the USA. The ASCII code is a link between humans, computers, and the hard drive. It helps to convert any text into simple English alphabets that are also easily understood by computers. The ASCII code was quickly adapted by all the major stakeholders, and the rest is history.

However, as the technology progressed, a new type of text code was introduced, known as the Unicode. It consists of a huge library with characters and symbols from many different languages. However, such efficiency comes at the price of higher computer resource requirements. Therefore, some systems still use the ASCII code today to keep things simple and efficient.

Why do you need to write in ASCII?

ASCII text code is used to read and write the programming code in the simple English alphabet. The computer stores all the necessary information on the hard drive in the form of binary 0s and 1s. It is the job of ASCII to read these binary values and translate them into alphabets for easy understanding.

The ASCII code is based on a table of 128 letters, where each letter represents a specific binary value. This table is common in all the computers of the world no matter where you belong. Therefore, ASCII code helps minimize the communication gap in human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine communication.

How to write in ASCII?

When someone asks you to write in the ASCII code, you get terrified as to what it is. ASCII table contains simple alphanumeric characters from English alphabets and numbers between 0 to 9. So when someone asks you to write in ASCII, it means to use only English alphabets and mathematical numbers.

It also means to neglect any special characters from other languages as well as the complex symbols. The problem is that even if you manage to write in ASCII manually, there is a great chance that at least one symbol or character is from Unicode. Therefore, you need an ASCII text generator to help you convert any Unicode text into ASCII format without any errors.


The ASCII text code consists of English alphabets, numbers, and some basic symbols. Other than that, everything else is based on Unicode. Therefore, you should use an ASCII text generator to convert any text into ASCII code style.

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