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Small Caps Text Generator

Use Small Caps Text Generator to Convert your normal text into Small caps fonts letters and text with a generator tool. Small caps are shorthand for small capitals. However, small caps are very different from lowercase alphabets. Small caps are English alphabets that look like uppercase characters, yet they have the size, height, and weight of lowercase.

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These characters are very important in writing to divide the reader’s attention into three categories, i.e., most important, important, and least important information. Therefore, this article will explain all there is to know about small fonts generators.

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How to use Small Caps Text Generator?

Small caps are a new text style developed further to classify the forms of information in the content. Before this development, writers had only limited ways to categorize the information for the reader’s ease. The information provided in the text was either important or casual.

However, recently writers started using the small caps letters in their text to show that the text is not as important as the uppercase letters, but it is still worth the reader’s attention. This method to create distinction is more effective than just using bold, underline, and italic.

There are many ways to use the small caps text style in the text. You can use it to draw the reader’s attention to the opening phrase or line of a new section of text. Moreover, the small caps alphabets can also be used in the references and index table.

Moreover, you can use small caps text to define the complex terms in the dictionary section of technical writing. You can understand the importance of small caps text that even some typewriters have a separate section for small caps. These small caps alphabets are 30% smaller than the normal X-height uppercase alphabets.

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Small caps Letters Translator

Most word processing applications like MS Word, Apple Pages, Google docs, and Adobe creative suite support small caps text without any modifications. Moreover, all the text fonts that are available in your word processor are fully supported by the small caps text as well. However, the problem is that you need a special keyboard to type in small caps text style. However, many websites provide a text generator that you can use to convert plain text into small caps quickly.

The text generator reads your input text and compares it with the Unicode table to find appropriate small caps alphabets. Moreover, you are not limited to only English alphabets. The small caps section of the Unicode includes almost all the symbols and characters as found in the uppercase section. Furthermore, as all the websites use Unicode text script, the generator results are compatible anywhere you like.

For example, you can use the small caps text generator to write your Bio and profile posts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. Moreover, all online games also support Unicode text scripts. Therefore, feel free to use the text generator to write infamous games like FreeFire, PUBG, CS GO, and COD Warzone. PSST! You can also use the text generator to write the banned words in the online gaming community. 


It is very easy to write in small caps text. All you need is to write the desired text in the input box and click generate text button. The generator will present your results in several distinguished fonts that you can copy and paste anywhere you like. 

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