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Redacted Text Generator

This generator is used to protect sensitive information, usually by the government and other associations. If you want to secure your data like documents, phone numbers, or other files, this generator is for you. You can easily formulate your own redacted text by simply using this generator.

What is redacted?

It is a technique of editing documents to protect the information from exposure. In other words, you can define the redact as censor, copy edit, or modify. It is the method of Blacking out the text. You can use a redacted text generator on an iPhone, Android, on tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and Word. When a file is redacted, it’s mean that the text has been protected for privacy reasons. The redacted text generators are frequently used in courts, banks, and other sensitive sectors. Courts orders are mostly concealed their document files from view for privacy protection.

Redaction process.

Redaction is a three steps process. You can redact your documents by following these steps:

  • The text to be redacted is specified and placed the redaction annotation over it.

  • Then the annotations are assigned and evaluated, permanently eliminating the content.

  • Then sanitize the sneaky date which you don’t want to publicize.


It is a technique used to remove the perceptive information from the documents and other files. These attempts are usually used to lessen the document’s classification level from the unclassified documents. Usually, this method is used when someone intended to allow the demanding disclosure of information to the broader audience and upkeep the other parts of the document enclosed.

This method is mostly used by mature companies and other sensitive sectors. This method is also called Anonymization of data. So redaction is in the sense of sensitization is to blackout the content in the document which you don’t want to disclose while other parts of the document remain open.

How to redact the text?

There are some simple steps you have to follow

  • Open PDF file and choose a tool to redact

  • On the Edit menu, select redact text

  • Now choose the content on PDF, click on the right button, and select redact

  • Select the redact on the floating text menu

  • For the appearance of the redaction marks, in the redact toolbar, scroll down and select properties

  • Mark the content you want to redact, double click on the selected text, and drag the line.

  • To select the multiple code entries right click on the redaction bar and select the item.

  • After finished captioning the aspects you want to redact, select the Apply in the secondary toolbar to remove them. You can also save the documents and then click apply and save.

  • For sanitizing and removing the hidden information in the apply redaction dialog, click the toggled button and then click ok.

  • The “save as” appear on display. Select the file name and location.

Why is redacting text important?

Reduction is the process that is legally used to secure the data which we don’t want to disclose. Redacted text generators are commonly used in various sectors. For example, financial files and documents, Judicial records, property information, trade secrets, credit cards numbers, or some medical information.

Almost every business needs redaction in some form to secure their sensitive information. It is a very important and very easy process. You have to scan the document and converted it to digital format. Searchable files identify for redaction. Sensitive information will remove and redacted files will be store.


The redacted text means a text “what am I not seeing.”

It can also use to formulate curiosity among the audience. It is very useful for concealing privacy.

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