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Wiggle Text Generator

People from all fields use the internet on a daily basis to accomplish various tasks. Some use social media for fun, some for business, and others for both purposes. The problem is that everyone seems to be using the same two three fonts that the social media site provides them. It means that you don’t have any uniqueness to your profile other than your own personality. However, this can be easily changed by using unique text fonts to write your posts, comments, and even when sending messages.

How to write in wiggle text format?

You must be wondering how to write in unique text fonts such as wiggle texts. The answer is very simple. You can use a wiggle text generator. Many websites offer you the tool that can easily translate any input text into wiggle font and give you the output. However, you need to make sure that the text you just generated is easily understandable; otherwise, there is no use in using the generator.

To make the text readable, you must first understand how the generator works. A wiggle text generator is an automatic tool based on a pre-defined algorithm. It means that the tool doesn’t require help or supervision from a human, making the whole process very fast. The tool reads the appearance of your text and then finds random variables from the ASCI code that look like your text. Afterward, the selected characters are placed into a sequence to resemble your wiggle text. However, the problem with this algorithm is that it is fully automated, and thus there can be some mistakes. For instance, your generated text doesn’t look readable, or the chosen characters are hard to understand.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow these guidelines when using the wiggle text generator:

  • Find an appropriate wiggle text generator online.

  • Manually write your text in the input box or copy and paste it from the source document.

  • Click the generate text button and wait for the process to complete.

  • After you get the output text, carefully inspect it and ask someone else to try and read the text.

  • If the text is hard to read or the helper doesn’t understand the right text, it means that there is a problem with the output.

  • In that case, you should restart the whole process or click the generate button again if the website allows you.

  • Keep repeating the process until you get desired results, i.e., the output text is stylish and easy to understand by everyone.

Benefits of wiggle text generator

People use wiggle text generators for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • The great thing about the wiggle text font is that it is based on simple ASCI alphabets, numbers, and symbols.

  • Therefore, your wiggle text can be easily pasted on every website, text box, and comment section throughout the internet.

  • Furthermore, very few people use the wiggle texts, so your texts and comments are going to be unique, distinguished, and eye-catching for everyone.

  • Stylish fonts attract most youngsters, so you can use wiggle text in your business posts to attract them.


Wiggle text generators are very famous among different social media users. They help you add uniqueness to your content. Moreover, they are very easy to use, and you can paste the output text anywhere on the internet.

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