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Star Wars Text Generator

StarWars isn’t a movie or anime series; there is so much more to it. George Lucas has managed to create a whole Star Wars universe through his intelligence and creativity. The iconic lightsabres, fighting Jedi, and imposing spaceships make the whole series worth the movie marathon. Everything about Star Wars is just perfect, including the font and text style used throughout the franchise. Therefore, the font itself has a huge fanbase. All the content creators on the internet use the Star Wars font in their media. This article will provide all there is to know about the Star Wars text generator.

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The Star Wars logo:

The font for the Star Wars series was originally made by hand. However, this iconic Star Wars logo has not always been the way you know it. Ever since the first movie in the late 70s, directors, producers, and the media team has only worked on polishing the logo to make it better than ever before. The original Star Wars logo that appeared in the first movie was designed by Suzy Rice. 

This logo remained unchanged for many years, and all the Star Wars content, including cartoons, movies, games, and series, used that original logo. Moreover, Joe Johnson further polished the logo to make it even better and realistic. Joe Johnson redesigned the modern Star Wars logo as we know it today. This new logo can also be seen in the latest movie, Stars war: the return of the Jedi.

This modified logo caught the attention of several content creators. These people turned the logo into a meme template and a writing font. People from all fields use the Star Wars logo font in their text to make it look truly out of this world. 

How to write in Star Wars logo-style text?

As discussed earlier, the font for the Star Wars series was originally made by hand. Therefore, if you are trying to get a genuine logo copy, you won’t find it anywhere on the internet unless you decide to trace it or make it from scratch on Adobe illustrator. In that case, you will have to sketch the text each time because you are making an image rather than developing your own font. This process makes it very complex to make the Star Wars logo style your signature font.

There are some other ways to replicate the Star Wars text font in your content. The most common method is to download one of the Star Wars fonts from the internet and install it on your computer and smartphone. The problem with this method is that it can’t be used commercially without purchasing the license from the creator of the font. The second and most convenient way to write in the Star Wars text style is to use a text generator. You can easily find a text generator that converts your plain text in Star Wars style for free. Furthermore, you won’t have to provide the font for your text manually. 


The online Star Wars text generator has many built-in fonts and text styles ready to use. All you need is to write the text in the input box and click the generate text button. You will be presented with several text styles to choose from.

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