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OWO Text Generator

Many translator tools are using on the Internet to translate the text. Usually, it is a web-based text generator that converts the text into OWO grammar. If you write “I love you” on the Owo text generator, the translation will be “I wove you.

What is OWO?

You can consider “O” as a big eye and “W” as a mouth. If you are a memes lover, you can easily understand these emojis. Owo text generators are very popular among teenagers, used to tag their friends and relatives to say weird things and memes. So the OwO text is an emoticon that is used to show sadness, happiness, angriness, love, or weirdness. It is primarily used on text messages and messenger. It is a command related to copypasta, mostly used by content writers to express their emotions. It may cause elders to get angry, So use them with precautions. You can freely use them with your friends. People widely use OWO text nowadays and love to use these emoticons.

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Where it comes from?

The inception of this word is unknown; however, it started in 2005 in chat rooms. In 2014 OWO spread throughout the Internet and became trendy. It is a text-based emoticon mostly used to express their emotions. Many people speculate that the word “OWO” is a whole culture that covers their true emotions under smiles. The reason for its popularity is that it reduces typing time. All you need to write is “u” or “owo”. Its technique is stimulated by Manga and anime. Mostly it appears as a smiling face with closed eyes. In Japanese and Korean Internet languages, OWO is used to describe cuteness and love.

How to create it?

It is a text writing technique, can be created by using letters, like (owo) or XD. It can be used to deliver the message of sadness, happiness, excitement, love, or surprise.


OWO can be written in various styles. You can copy and paste them. You can’t make any changes if you don’t have a tool. You can inspire your friend and family members by using an owo text generator. In Japanese, it is pronounced as “ kaomoji.”

Here are some basic emoticons.


If you want to express a happy feeling, you can share this emoticon with friends

  • ^ワ^*) 

  • (*^წ^*) 

  • (*꧆▽꧆*)

  • (๑꧆◡꧆๑)


Feeling excited use these

  • (≧∇≦)/

  • Flickering͈*)و ̑̑❀

  • ♡(˶╹̆ ▿╹̆˵)و✧♡

  • (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


If someone praises you, and you are feeling flattering, your heartbeat is fast you can express your feelings with these emoticons.

  • (^///^)

  • ᵉʰᵉʰᵉ(*/∇\⭒)

  • (*°ãƒ®° *) 

  • (˶′◡‵˶)

For thumbs up

You can use bd if you want to show your appreciation.

  • (🖒^^)🖒

  • (^^)b OK!

  • (´∀`)b

There are many other emoticons you can use for your conversation with your friends and family members. Just simply using an Owo text generator. Owo text generators are available on any Android device. You can convert your old and boring text into a new stylish form. It works on three baby formula actions, exclamation, and faces. Its means that adding these three properties generates one sentence.


You can use this Owo text generator to convert your boring text conversation with friends and family members into a stylish one and can bring a smile to their faces.:

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